Sell-More-Seats® by WorldTicket

WorldTicket’s Passenger Service System is called Sell-More-Seats® and was launched in 2002 and is now on 4th generation with more than 45 airlines worldwide.

We provide our airline customers with advanced functionality in a simple solution. Our experience tells us that even though you are a smaller or regional carrier, you still need a distribution set-up as advanced as the major carriers, but in a user-friendly solution that is easy to roll out and for the staff to start using.

Sell-More-Seats® is the answer to that!

With WorldTicket the implementation time and required training are cut down to a minimum but without compromising the quality, flexibility and stability.

We offer modern solutions for website sales of your tickets as well as additional products.

We are connected to all the major GDS’ at the highest connectivity level and provide advanced functionality like interline and codeshare.

An overview of what we can provide:

  • Inventory hosting
  • B2B, B2C
  • e-Commerce shop
  • Sales of ancillary products
  • Highest connectivity level to the GDS’s
  • Own IATA e-ticketing server
  • Interline
  • Codeshare
  • Management reporting
  • Revenue management
  • Revenue accounting
  • Online check-in
  • Seat-map
  • Mobile booking flow
  • Tour Operator module
  • Sales of 3rd party products
  • OTA XML integration
  • Content management system integration


Your benefits from working with us

  • Distribution in all sales channels
  • Advanced functionality in a simple and user-friendly solution
  • Full commercial flexibility to target new business opportunities
  • Fastest implementation times for all sales channels
  • 24/7 online support in multiple time zones
  • No implementation fees
  • Pay-per-use pricing models
  • Mature and proven solution
  • Fully industry compliant solution
  • Real influence on product development