e-Commerce Trends from the Frequent Traveler Perspective

At the Development Partner Workshop, this year we had guest speaker Thor Angelo sharing his experiences on e-Commerce trends.

In his presentation, Thor inspired on lead generation through online tools, how to turn leads into customers, and more importantly, turning customers into loyal customers.

Thor Angelo is founder of the online translation platform Languagewire, which has grown to one of the biggest translation companies in the world. Today Thor is involved in groundbreaking APP businesses like iWaiter, Tutee and Shoptagr.

With his frequent traveler status and more than 160 travel days per year, Thor books his own tickets and usually online. At the workshop he shared his entertaining input on optimizing the travel experience and minimizing time and effort, starting from his own bed and until he sits in the aircraft seat.

Order Online Check-In and Facilitate Mobile Messaging to Passengers

As part of helping our airline customers winning the online moment of truth, WorldTicket has and is constantly developing new features and functionality to support this.

With the online check-in the airlines can increase the user experience with a more smooth travel process.

Another new feature in Sell-More-Seats®, is the Short Message Gateway, making it possible for our customers to communicate with the passengers on flight delays, cancellations etc.

“In such cases, up until now, the carriers would communicate with the airlines via email, and of course there is a risk of the passenger never reading the email and therefore has a negative experience with the airline. With the messaging gateway, the airlines can send text messages to the mobile numbers of the passengers, and create a more positive experience in an already difficult situation”, Martin Nielsen, Customer Service Manager, explains.

Both services are available to all WorldTicket customers and will be implemented upon request.

Thoughts on Online Moment of Truth and e-Commerce at Last Week’s Development Partner Workshop

Giving our customers real influence on product development, 20 customer delegates where gathered in Copenhagen 26-27 November to participate in discussions on new and future product development.

This year the workshop was dedicated to e-Commerce trends and winning the online moment of truth, both through adjustments in the online behavior and profile of our airline customers, but also through the features and functionality of the WorldTicket solutions.

On behalf of the entire WorldTicket team, we want to thank our customers for participating and contributing with your valuable input.

We look forward to seeing you next year!

Online Moment of Truth on the Agenda for DPM 2014

At our customer conference last year we discussed the importance of winning the passenger online – winning the online moment of truth.

Inspired by the online sales trends and online consumer purchase behavior we introduced new functionality designed to help our customers win the online moment of truth.

At our Development Partner Meeting, 26-27 November in Copenhagen, we continue discussing the online moment of truth.

“The topic is still as current and relevant as ever, which is why we during the meeting will discuss new and future functionality such as up-sell, bundling and unbundling, shopping experience improvements, website bulk sales, e-commerce strategies etc.”, WorldTicket COO, Per Tversted elaborates.

Get Real Influence on Product Development at Next Month’s Workshop

It’s time for our Development Partner Meeting and all WorldTicket customers are invited to join our Development Partner Program and come to Copenhagen for the workshop taking place on 26 -27 November.

This year we have allocated time for an extensive ‘Best Practice’-session to go through use cases and share experiences on how to make best use of the advanced functionality inside Sell-More-Seats® and the many new features and enhancements done since our last workshop.

On the agenda will also be our coming new Sell-More-Seats® generation and scoping and prioritizing new functionality for direct sales.

Again this year the WorldTicket Headquarter office in Copenhagen will set the scene for the 1.5 days workshop full of product sessions and networking.

All WorldTicket customers are invited join the Development Partner Program and participating in the workshop. Limited seats are available so we encourage all administrator users to register today!

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