I am WorldTicket

My name is Lasse Meilsoe and I am WorldTicket

When my colleagues and I say “I am WorldTicket” it is a guarantee and promise from us to the people we do business with.

What’s in it for You?

It means that I guarantee you with a reliable product, developed by people who give all their attention and commitment to providing you with a solution that matches all your needs. I guarantee that you will always experience personal assistance and attention to your needs and questions.

It is a guarantee that we provide you with a product that is tailor made for your needs and ‘I am WorldTicket’ is a guarantee that you will always experience a high level of customer service.

People Doing Business with People

It is a manifestation of the value of doing business with a smaller organisation. In WorldTicket each customer is equally important and we all emphasize the value of personal relations.

We take the time needed to answer your questions and you can be sure that when you contact me with a question, I know you and your company and I feel a personal responsibility towards answering any of the questions you might have because in WorldTicket people do business with people instead of organisations doing business with organisations.

I say ‘I am WorldTicket’ because of the commitment I carry out in my work and the responsibility I feel towards our customers