Ready – Set – Go! Test if You Are a Sell-More-Seats® Expert

A time change is done on a flight. How can you see the passengers affected by this time change?

  • You need to create a report
  • You can see the passengers in the Violation Queue
  • You cannot find the affected passengers, unless the time change is more than 20 minutes

This is just 1 out of the many different scenarios included in the Sell-More-Seats® Certification test, designed to put the administrator users’ system knowledge to the test – all the while the clock is ticking. The test must be completed within the time limit, with a correct score above 65%.

The certification test takes the administrator into the many corners of the system, including schedule changes, waitlist, managing RBD’s, changing coupon status etc., but also covers that daily process when interacting with the WorldTicket support team.

If you have not yet taken the test, now is the chance to become a Sell-More-Seats® certified user! Contact us to take the test and answer the question above and the 45 other questions in the test, and you will receive your very own Sell-More-Seats® certificate.

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