Next Customer Conference to take place in May 2015

Since 2008, WorldTicket has hosted a customer conference every year in the month of November. We started in 2008 with 25 participants and the event has grown to include about 100 participants from the industry.

For us it is the most important event of the year and the ideal platform to effectively communicate, and more importantly demonstrate, new product features launched since the previous year and to be rolled out in the coming year. But the conference is also a forum where we get to spend some quality time with our customers, which is the very essence of our “I am WorldTicket” – culture.

At the same time we do also acknowledge that all our customers need to prioritize their time and taking out 3 days for any industry event is always balanced up against the other pressing day-to-day activities.

Therefore we have decided that it is time for a change, and therefore the next WorldTicket customer conference, will take place in Copenhagen, May 2015.

Apart from being able to demonstrate more new features as part of the program, this change also gives us the opportunity to show our guests Copenhagen from its best side; during springtime.

Invitations with more information on date, venue, program etc. for W1CC2015 will go out soon! We guarantee lots of exciting changes from the previous years and look forward to seeing you in 2015!

Send us an email to get on the invitation list