Development Partner Workshop in Q4

Again this year we will host a Development Partner workshop at our office here in Copenhagen.

“The development partner program was launched back in 2009, to give our airline customers real influence on the product development”, COO Per Tversted explains.

All WorldTicket customers are invited to join the program and hereby participate in the 1-2 annual meetings. In the workshop environment that WorldTicket has created for the meetings, our customers can request, prioritize and scope future product development and also review and give feedback on prototypes before they are rolled out in Sell-More-Seats®.

Per Tversted continues, “This year, the development partner workshop is not only an opportunity to discuss product development, but also an opportunity to meet new key people in WorldTicket management”

The 2014 Development Partner workshop will take place in Copenhagen in Q4 2014. Details on the event will be forwarded to the members directly.

Input for the agenda is encouraged and highly appreciated.

WorldTicket customers interested in signing up to join the program, please contact us here