About Worldticket

With innovative IT solutions we enable airlines to improve their passenger experience

WorldTicket has developed Passenger Service Systems since 2002, and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today we are the leading European provider of airline inventory and distribution solutions for the regional and mid-sized carriers and are experiencing annual growth of approx. 30% on key product areas.

We service more than 45 airlines in 4 continents and is the 2nd tier European provider with most PSS installations in the European market. We are a global organisation with operational daughter companies in United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine and China.

As the only provider in the 2nd tier segment of PSS provider, WorldTicket has a functional multi-location operation with both Customer Service, Product Development, Implementation and Sales & Marketing in multiple locations.

For our growing customer base in new geographies, this means implementation, training and customer support from our local teams.

In 2008 WorldTicket implemented IATA e-ticket and has the highest integration level to the major GDS’. With some significant milestones in our product development, WorldTicket has the possibility of providing the regional and midsized airlines with a distribution set-up generally reserved for the major carriers and at attractive commercial conditions.

As the owner of the regional airline FlexFlight (W2), we have unique offerings through our products W2 sub-hosting (W2 SUB) and W2 Interline e-ticketing (W2 TKT).

With the “I am WorldTicket” –culture deeply embedded into each member of our 60-man operational team, we each take great pride in servicing our customers in a professional and attentive manner, coming out of the year-long relationship where we help our airline customers grow and react to new business opportunities in the market. Our annual customer conference is the materialisation of the  “I am WorldTicket”-culture and where we build and maintain the strong ties that are between our customers and WorldTicket as a team.