We provide our airline customers with advanced functionality in a simple solution. It's a user-friendly solution that is easy to roll out and for the staff to start using.

With W2 SUB, the start-up airlines can be for sale in the GDS as W2 in just a few weeks without any implementation fees but on a purely transaction based commercial model.

WorldTicket has developed the ecommerce solution (ECOM) as our solution to the airlines to help them accommodate the demand from the industry and the passengers for more modern and diverse product.

It is a guarantee that we provide you with a product that is tailor made for your needs and a guarantee that you will always experience a high level of customer service.

Through our airline partners, FlexFlight offers scheduled flights to several destinations worldwide. If you have booked a ticket with FlexFlight.

We service more than 45 airlines in 4 continents and is the 2nd tier European provider with most PSS installations in the European market.

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With innovative IT solutions we enable airlines to

improve their passenger experience

WorldTicket has developed Passenger Service Systems since 2002, and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today we are the leading European provider of airline inventory and distribution solutions for the regional and mid-sized carriers and are experiencing annual growth of approx. 30% on key product areas. We service more than 45 airlines in 4 continents and is the 2nd tier European provider with most PSS installations in the European market. We are a global organisation with operational daughter companies in United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine and China.


WorldTicket (W1) is a market-leading provider of sales and distribution platforms for regional and mid-sized airlines worldwide.

Airline Solutions


Flexflight can help you identify the most cost effective solution for your Aircraft Management.



WorldTicket’s Passenger Service System is called Sell-More-Seats® and was launched in 2002 and is now on 4th generation with more than 45 airlines worldwide.

Airline Solutions

GDS Sub-hosting

WorldTicket is the owner of the Danish AOC holding airline, FlexFlight, with the IATA two-letter code W2, allowing us to provide airlines with a faster way into the GDS’s and without any upfront costs.

Flex Flight

Global BSP sales

With W2 TKT we are breaking with the traditions and introduce a ticketing product at half the cost of the industry standard and with better commercial conditions.

Global BSP sales